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FHA (Part A & B) Claims

Our claims management team understands the importance of delivering results; ensuring accurate and timely submission of your claims to avoid curtailment or denial. Our technology solution and expertise in claims processing provides excellent results for our clients. 


Let us show you how we can improve your loss recovery today!

VA Claims


At ICS our team knows the importance of staying abreast of latest VA guidelines and expectations.  Our leaders and compliance partners monitor those changes and ensure we are following the expectation of our partner clients and the VA every step of the way to reduce losses and avoid any delays in rejections from our VA partners.


ICS knows the importance of following through on any outstanding loss associated with the claim filing.  That's why our proven technology solution helps track and monitor all supplementals. 

Quality Control

We partner with our clients to analyze, design, and execute solutions that minimizes the loss of corporate advances; improving FHA & VA claims as well as GSEs to reduce post-default operating expenses and increase your claim recovery.

In order to ensure we maintain accuracy, our QC team will conduct a pre-claim submission review on 100% of all claims submissions.  We track, monitor, and train our staff on exceptions, ensuring we continually meet our APPROACH to our quality standards.

Our leadership team will then review a random sampling each month based on a systematic approach and exception based reporting identifying a group of loans based on volume and system identifiers of potential risks.

The remediation is reviewed by senior management and submitted to our compliance group for 2nd level auditing to ensure corrective action is taken.  Streamlined process improvements, policy and procedure updates,  technology enhancements, training, and oversight are put in place to ensure remediation.

Loss Analysis

Servicers and GSE's  face increased risk when it comes to handling the liquidation of a distressed property and filing the various associated investor claims effectively and in a timely fashion. Not only are there several different types of claims, but investors/insurers have strict requirements associated with each of the different claim types, adding to the complexity of the filing process.

Whether engaging in a Loss Analysis program internally or externally, it is critical to allow for a final review of the investor claim.  

Acquisition Due Diligence

Mortgage loan investors and servicers rely on our expertise in collateral valuation and insurance recoveries for scalable, compliant solutions that reduce the risk of losses in the collateral liquidation process.

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